Things to know

Things to know about incenter loans

Our company offers loans to the needy people who are facing an immediate financial crisis. Our loans – guarantor loan and logbook loan, are specifically designed to meet the requirements of those people.  We are loan experts specialised in offering fast, free quotes to the individuals.

We are a licensed credit broker who works with the largest loan credit market of the UK. Whether you have a poor credit history or no credit history, if you wish to get a fast loan, just fill up the form, and we will complete the further process of getting a loan. This is the speciality about incenter loans.

Offering a wide range of financial services and loans throughout the UK, we feel happy to help you and your business. We aim at providing best financial services to our customers that meet their specific requirements.

Things to know about incenter loans – how we work?

Control and flexibility

As it is already said that incenter loans are unique, designed to provide utmost flexibility and control to the borrowers, here is the detail how they work –

About incenter loans

We offer fixed sum of loan that ranges from £200 to £3000. We will analyse your present financial condition to know whether you can afford to repay the borrowed loan amount or not. The terms and conditions and the interest rates vary depending on the amount of loan approved.

We are a reputed loan broker in the UK who helps you to find the best lender in the loan market of the UK and thereby you can be rest assured to get the best interest rates in the market.

How flexible is it?

Our each instalment plan for guarantor and logbook loan is provided for a fixed time period. However, you can choose to pay early via our flexible overpayment policy. You can make early payment in full or in half, saving your money on interest rates.

We always recommend our clients to repay as much as you can afford to save money on interest.

Is the interest rate covered?

Our each instalment loan payment meet the FCA rate requirements which ensure you will never have more than 0.8% interest per week or day. It also makes sure at the same time that your pay back interest should never be higher than the original loan amount you borrowed.

How to apply for loans?

Our loan application process is easy and simple. You just need to follow some simple steps and your loan will be approved in few days.

Easy to fill online application

We offer an easy to follow online application to people that allow them to claim loan when they need the most, and you can make a decision within minutes. Once the loan application gets approved, the cash will be sent to your account within two to three days.

Five days’ time to change your decision

We offer five days to our customers to change the mind. This is a unique feature about incenter loans. No questions will be asked. Just call customer support team to return the borrowed amount and we will not charge any fee for that.

These are features that clearly state why you should choose us over others. We follow a simple and flexible policy and, consider every individual as a person and not just a score.